The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

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When living with a serious illness, normal means uncertainty. Life feels like an obstacle course of preventive measures, careful regimens, and all-too-often hospitalizations. Relaxation is impossible, because in the back of your mind there are always health concerns reminding you the good times will not last.

Stress like this is cosmically unfair, especially when it affects children.

As part of the Paul Newman family of charities, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is an oasis of relief for seriously ill children and their families. Kids are granted freedoms usually reserved for movies. While still under the supervision of trained professionals, children receive a concentrated dose of fun. Ice cream for breakfast, unlimited access to recreation facilities, and non-existent bedtimes are commonplace. The campers are in charge, and the counselors are their friends and enablers.

With the spirit of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in mind, this ad set aims to break all the traditional rules of Summer Camp. Bedtime means stargazing, and catch and release becomes… something very different. These ads are whimsical and fun, as childhood should be.