Social Media Intelligence

Facebook “Awareness” Ads

These ads target people with “coding bootcamps” as one of their interests — determined by Facebook’s audience tools — as well as an NYC location restriction. With this in mind, I can assume the viewers are aware of coding bootcamps as a career option but might be unfamiliar with Fullstack Academy as a brand. Using rhetoric focusing on superior career outcomes, I can persuasively position Fullstack as a “Top Coding Bootcamp” in New York City and a front runner to facilitate your career transition.

Facebook “Affinity and Activation” Ads

These are less impressive — in my opinion — but the copy is focused on what someone with brand familiarity might want to know, namely the course offerings and discounts open to them. This ad is targeting specific company website visitors in a highly targeted geographic location. They’re familiar with the product and are likely considering a purchase. This particular ad also references a recognizable brand in the geographic area that will build brand trust. (Also, to not breed ill-will amongst the customer base [former students], I created an exclusion list of all previous customers in this location by email address. I’ve blurred some information for who-knows-why.)

Twitter Prowess

Twitter is the tobacco-spit-backwash of literature, but I think I’m pretty good at it. I like to think I know how to be humorous in a respectful way, and I force peoples’ eyeballs to my words. Here is Twitter follower growth over a 3-month period under my watch. (Currently at 10.8K followers)

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 6.09.05 PM