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Pride of the Male

There’s something very fatalistic about male pattern baldness. Even now, when products exist that can prevent it, so many men refuse to address the issue. And why is that? It can’t be the cost of the name-brand Propecia — there’s been a generic for years now. Let’s parse this out.

On one hand, there’s baldness. It’s the universally acknowledged foe. Sure, some guys are bald and proud, and others will profess (truthfully) that there are bigger things to worry about. After all, there really are more important things to consider when trying to appear “attractive.” But I would gander to say that not one of these men, if given the chance to roll the genetic dice one more time, would refuse the gamble. When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

Devastation With Age

But there’s another, less obvious inhibitor to universal hirsuteness. There’s no better word for it than pride. Maybe stigma. Perhaps indignation. Okay, there are many words for it, but it boils down to stubbornness. If I may speak from a personal level: I know I will not have all my hair for the rest of my life. All advanced forecasting methods point to my maternal grandfather’s hairline. At worst, I’m going to look like grumpy Nixon — at best Kaiser Wilhelm. And still, I refuse to take the little pill that will lower my levels of free testosterone just enough.

What’ll it take for me and other men to use this product?

We must promote the benefits, and what could be more beneficial than peace-of-mind. It’s a long-term form of relaxation that can only be obtained by knowing nothing bad will ever happen, because if you keep your hair, nothing will…

Also, we add a light touch of humor. Guys are afraid of hair loss. They won’t admit it, but they are. We laugh at things we are afraid of. We do this because we’re human. Flawless logic.

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Trimming the Foliage