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With Original Artwork

Office Supply 2

Is it just me, or is “work sucks” no longer an acceptable form of small talk? Companies are bending over backwards to keep this phrase out of their employees’ mouths. Fitness benefits, in-house doctors, and unlimited paid time off are no longer plot points in science fiction literature. No, the future is here.

The problem is, these things don’t work.

An hour of lunch has been reduced to a 15 minute food-and-Facebook binge, while unlimited vacations have become “working from home for 1/2 day due to heart attack — will be back tomorrow.”  People are people, especially in large cities. They will worry about their job performances and where their lives are going. Can you feel it? Can you feel it in the air of this halogen-lit room? It’s anxiety. It’s that feeling work gives you and you can’t seem to shake, even while you lie prostrate on your kitchen floor after a long day.

But Poppin knows what’s up. They know that it all starts with the environment.

As a design-first company, they know how careful attention to arrangement and appearance can have far-reaching effects. We’re talking increased productivity, less lower-back pain, and, most importantly, the potential of happiness at work.

All artwork and copy is original.