Galvanized Steel: A Life-changing Writing Sample

Yes… life changing.  Maybe for somebody, but not likely for you.

As this is my portfoleeo (hey, it still makes me laugh), I must upload writing samples that display my ability to write fun and engaging content on not so fun and interesting topics.  What I mean to say is, if you are one of the people I tricked into viewing this blog, i.e. a prospective employer, please take a look at this short piece I wrote on the functionality of zinc coated steel sheet.

I’ve set it up as an epic battle between galvanized steel (coated) versus stainless steel, which is used in similar industrial and commercial contexts, but as of now has a sexier reputation.  Coated steel can be handsome as well, so read it and weep stainless.

The PDF link is right here! Look!

Steel Writing Sample